Thursday, 30 September 2010

[GUIDE] How To Get Hot, Tasty Burgers EVERY TIME at McDonalds!

The first guide! Here we go!

Let's say you're not in a rush - you want some hot, fresh, tasty burgers at your nearest McDonalds (or any fast food chain, for that matter), but all there seems to be are stacks of burgers that look like they've been there for hours. Hmm.

The solution is simple!

All you have to do is make a custom order! Say you want a quarter pounder - have it with extra sauce, no ketchup, extra lettuce, extra tomato - whatever you want! This goes for any burger that has a beef patty.

Let me explain.

Say you want a burger with no ketchup - all of the burgers that have been pre-cooked already have ketchup so they have to make you a brand new one! A hot, fresh, customised burger just for you! Easy!

Earlier I mentioned that this worked with any burger with a beef patty. The reason I don't say chicken is because chicken burgers are made slightly differently - instead of making many burgers at the same time and putting them on the heated rack, chicken-side pre-cook the actual chicken in huge quantities in the deep fat fryer and keep them in seperate heated trays, so when an order for a chicken burger is made, they just make the rest of the burger on-the-fly and stick in the pre-cooked piece of chicken, so custom orders won't help you here. 

Still, if you're in the mood for chicken, why not customize your burger anyway? :)

So! Any comments/questions, feel free to leave a comment! Hope you enjoyed the very first guide!

Until next time,

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Phew, I'm hungry...

I think for my guides I'll format the blog posts slightly differently and add a [GUIDE] tag so people know what they're reading and for quick reference.

I figure I'm only going to think of so much stuff in a certain space of time, and during the dry periods I can just type about whatever for a bit in an equally entertaining and insightful way. Hey, who knows.

So! Even when the only thing on my mind is how delicious my stick of garlic bread is going to be, you need not worry about following an inactive blog. Fantastico!

And with that, I retire to the kitchen to eat some tasty delectables.

Until next time!
Paynesdown :)

Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Welcome to the brand new thing! This is a wonderful new place that will include lotsa different guides for pretty much everything - from getting hot, fresh food at McDonalds every time to the perfect thing to say if someone asks you if they need to go on a diet.

Maybe some of the information will be useless to you, but hey - it's a cheat guide - since when did you own all of the games in a conventional cheat guide anyways?

Stick around!