Tuesday, 30 November 2010

[GUIDE] How To Clean Your CDs Without Breaking Them

Howdy guys! I noticed everyone basically stopped looking at my blog after I stopped updating it, which is understandable, why would you go on a blog that doesn't update?

Well here I am now, and if you're reading this you've probably found signs of life again and have come back to visit! Cool! I've found some downtime in my choke-hold timetable, so here's a guide to get this blog back to where it was!

I've seen people clean CDs incorrectly before, and it kills me. Most of the time, I see people picking up a CD and getting their shirt or a cloth to it, and rubbing it in a circular motion. Not only does this rub the dirt deeper into the CD, it could also break it.

So here's a super easy two-step guide to doing it properly.

Step 1: Get a CD.

Step 2:  Grab a cloth or a shirt or whatever you use, and rub the CD downwards, starting from the middle and finishing at the edge. Do this to the whole CD and voila, clean un-broken disk!

Until next time,